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Picture of Kivy Editor Program in its current design state

Kivy Editor – A point and click style GUI maker for Python, Kivy and KivyMD

After working for a startup where I did Graphical User Interface Development with Python for Android and[…]

Environmental Simulation Chamber Automation – This time with LabView

The previous work on our automation chamber was an awesome feat. After living the victory we had[…]

Environmental Simulation Chamber – Automation with Python, Kivy and KivyMD

I was fortunate to participate in College of the Deserts Winter Internship, i.e. Winternship of 2023. During[…]

NASA’s Community College Aerospace Scholar Alumni

Mission 1 – Mars Rover Project Every year NASA hosts a mission project at local community colleges[…]

Ground Station for Satellite Communications

I was given the opportunity to develop the ground station for College of the Desert. I researched[…]

Cube Satellite V1

I developed a small satellite for College of the Desert. In this process, I taught and led[…]

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